Premium plan How about a Furisode date? | [Kyoetsu] 6 branches in main area of Kyoto and 1 branches in Asakusa ! Polite service and affordable price!

Premium Plan


Furisode is one of the most gorgeous kimono. There are few opportunities to wear this kind formal kimono. Do you want to wear the formal kimono and have a gorgeous experience?


Do you want to try the most gorgeous kimono?
Have a nice day in Firisode and enjoy meals.
We have professional staffs to dress you up.
This plan is the most beautiful and memorable experience.


Premium Plan

Luxuriously luxurious than usual
¥ 7,000~
  • Komon 7,000yen~



Hair set

Hair Set


Also with hair accessories

Hair Set(order)


Also with hair accessories

Hair Set
Japanese hair


Also with hair accessories




Location Photo Shoot

※You should pay any fee by yourselves.
※We will send you photo date by Email next day.
※Kimono and Yukata charges are not included.

How to make a reservation to Location photo shoot


At first,you should make contact to Shooting department.
Email :


The photographer will make a reservation so you don’t have to do it.

Visit Shop

Please come to our shop on a reservation day.

Dressing/Hair set

You can choose Kimono and change clothes.

Go out

After wearing Kimono, you can go out with your photographer.
After taking pictures, you can go sightseeing (but it’s depends on your plan).
ex) shoot plan at 10:00 →change clothes →leave our shop at 10:30 →take pictures for 1 hour→go sightseeing by yourselves


Please come back to the shop until the closing time