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Yukata Rental Plan  (June-September)

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You can walk in the street wearing Yukata.
Feel free to wear a full set of kimono with empty hands! Walking the streets of Kyoto, it is a perfect item for pilgrimages and festivals.


Because our kimono producer produces, we have a wide selection of products! You can choose a variety of reasonable and cute Yukatas. We also have brand Yukatas. As there are Yukatas for kids, it is also recommended for Yukata rental with family.

Yukata Gallery


Standard course

Women’s Kimono
Famous branded kimono

Men’s Kimono
Simple and plain kimono

*All prices are excluding tax

High-rank course

Yukata that shines in the scenery of Kyoto

*All prices are excluding tax

Yukata Rental Plan

You can choose from three course
¥ 2,000~ ※Reservation from WEB site
  • Reasonable course 2,000yen~

  • Standard course 3,000yen~

  • High-rank course 4,000yen~

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Kimono Accessory

Obi accessories


Free people of the High-rank course


Organza heko-obi


Free people of the High-rank course

Japanese umbrella


Kimono Items

Brand belt


Hair set

Hair set


with hair accessories

Hair Set(order)


with hair accessories


Hair Accessory


free for those who order the hair set