Starting the sale of discount ticket included in the Kimono rental plan with Minamiza Theatre – Kyoetsu Collaboration “Immersive Theater: The Scarlet Princess – Sakura Hime -“

Limited to our store! Kimono rental plan with the “Sakura Hime” discount ticket

Kimono rental
Standard price 3,000yen-
Web reservation price
2,000yen- (plus tax)!

“Immersive Theater: The Scarlet Princess – Sakura Hime -”
discount ticket

standard price 3,000yen (plus tax)
Special price only at Kyoetsu
2,700yen- (plus tax)!

Normally Brand obi
Standard price 500yen (plus tax)
Pre reservation benefits Free!

The standard price of 6,500 yen (plus tax)
is 4,700 yen- (plus tax)

It is a story that recieved inspiration from the Kabuki show “Sakura hime higashi sentence” and created into a new story with day dance, sword dance, tap damce, street dance, acrobat, singing. You can wear a kimono with the theme colour of the casts you want to support(Onmyoji’s purple, Ronin’s bluem gentleman thief’s yellow, tobis’s red and doctor’s green). Not only the show but you can also enjoy the Kyoto streets whilst wearing the kimono and enjoy the special moment!


The Scarlet Princess

Light pink kimono with sakura designs


Onmyoji (Diviner)

Purple kino with Chrysanthemum


Ronin (wandering samurai)

Dark blue kimono


The Gentleman Thief

Retro yellow kimono


Tobi (Gallant fireman)

Modern red kimono



Classy green kimono

Kimono rental plan with the "Sakura Hime" discount ticket

This is the Kyoetsu limited special plan where the “Immersive Theater: The Scarlet Princess – Sakura Hime -” discount ticket is included in the Kimono rental plan

Pre reservation benefits

Kimono rental plan Extra option “Brand belt 500yen (plus tax)” free!

How to reservation

Please choose the store you want to visit via “web reservation” and reserve the Kimono rental plan with the “Sakura Hime” discount ticket

Reservation times

  • The Kyoto ekimae store opens at 10am so you cannot reserve the 9am, 9:30am time
  • The show starts at 13:00 so please reserve the times before 11:00
  • If you reserve the time after 11:30 you will not be able to recieve the Kimono rental plan with the “Sakura Hime” discount ticket

Show days

*The discount ticket is only for the show at 13:30


Seat types

*Limited to 10seats a day

  • There are limited numbers of discount tickets, please understand
  • After the reservation is done, the store will contact you

The customers will be “people above the clouds” and will able to see the show from the top and can vote on the stories ending.

The flow on the day

1Arrive at the store

2.Choose kimono

3.Wear kimono, hair set

We will hand out the ticket during payment of kimono

5.Go out, watch show
Please arrive at minamiza in time for the show time
Please show your ticket at the Minamiza ticket booth and recieve a different ticket
Enjoy the show!

6.Return kimono
Please return before the returning time to the store you rented from

Important points

  • There are limited numbers of discount tickets, please understand
  • If the tickets are sold out after the reservation is made our store will contact you.

Immersive Theater: The Scarlet Princess - Sakura Hime -



Chitose Junya

The Scarlet Princess


Kazuma Kawahara

Onmyoji (Diviner)


Kentaro Araki

Ronin (wandering samurai)


The Gentleman Thief


Taishin Hirano (MAG!C☆PRINCE)

Tobi (Gallant fireman)

Toyotaka(Beat Buddy Boi)

Toyotaka (Beat Buddy Boi)



Hidefumi Takada (DAZZLE)



Kota Shinzato

Leader of courtiers

History of Minamiza Theater

Minamiza is the theater that holds the longest history in Japan. Where kabuki origins here at Shijo-Kawahara, Kyoto, 1603. Minamiza Theater began at this prosper place. Kabuki performance that over 400 years often take place at Minamiza. In 1991, the chairman of Shochiku Co. Takeomi Nagayama decided to renew the interior and facilities of Minamiza Theather, but at the same time keep its old appearance that suits Kyoto. The reform was accomplished in November of the year.

Minamiza has been recognized as the Designated Cultural Property of Japan, as well as [Historic Designed Building]. To improve the earthquake-resistant of the building, it has been closed in 2016 for the construction. And re-open in autumn, 2018.

Minamiza Theater located at Kyoto, the so-called international culture city of Japan. As the theater that has the longest history, Minamiza will continue to pass on the [traditional art], and at the same time, combine with the modern entertainment. Spread the culture all over the world through the newly born Minamiza.