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The photography service has been started.

A professional photographer would guide you to the most instagrammable spots in Kyoto!
And the professional shooting would make you look like a model.
We would take your order by 6,000 yen every 30 minutes.


Free yukata wearing serves!

Free yukata wearing serves for customer who purchased "yukata 3item set"&"kitsukekomono set" at ones. (p.s only on that day when you bought it) And we sell completed yukata set also. Yukata+obi(belt)+geta(shoes)+ kitsukekomono set(little things that you need when wearing yukata)


Free hairmake service!

From July 1st, if you choose the highrank Yukata or standard Yukata in Arashiyama Store or Shinkyogoku Store, Get a free hairmake service!

  • お得な割引プラン


It is already included in the hair set plan



At Kyoetsu, we have plenty of optional accessory choices to help with your gorgerous kimono coordination.

  • Hair accessories
    +500 yen

    For free in case with hair set option

  • Japanese umbrella
    +500 yen

    Rental inavaliable on a rainy day

  • Patterned Kimono undershirts
    October to June
    +500 yen

    Free people of the premium course

  • Only for winter
    +500 yen

  • Obikazari&Petit Heko
    +500 yen

  • Brand belt
    +500 yen

    It has more delicate patterns than the other normal belts

  • Nagoya belt
    (Traditional belt)
    +1,000 yen

    Japanese traditional shape

  • Hakama (hakama)
    +3,000 yen

    A kind of Kimono wearing in graduation day

  • Shawl-coat
    +500 yen

    Only in winter available, Offering Haori(jackets putting on Kimono)as well

  • Hair set
    +1,000 yen

    Free hair accessory option included


  • No.1

    In all plans, full set of kimono, handbag, sandals, etc. is included. You don't have to bring anything.

  • No.2

    Kimono for gentlemen and kids available. Great experience for couple or family.

  • No.3

    Trial plan is also available! It is allowed only on the inside of the shop.
    Perfect for those who barely have time.

  • No.4

    Furisode kimono rental plan for those who love highly gorgeous styles.

  • No.5

    Kimonos are designed and produced by Kyoetsu,
    plenty of choices and options.

  • No.6

    Professional and experienced staff for your comfortable dressing!

  • No.7

    Let's enjoy Kyoto's temple tour in kimono!
    Just a few steps to the famous temples with nearby.
    *(Depends on location of shops)

  • No.8

    Next day return/express return plan available(postal delivery return is also available during your stay in Japan). Take your time without rush! (Extra charge required)